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Building Trust and Learning Culture

Corporate Development Leadership Learning Culture/Team

Building Trust and Learning Culture

To develop trust and sense of learning within a corporation as a culture requires a determined effort whether it be individually or on a corporate level. To manage emotional swings, for an individual to create a vision with themselves, their teams and corporation and to give a powerful answer to the question WHY? determines the continuity and quality of this effort. This purpose also requires a series of «redefining» practices. Throughout this program we are going to redefine Trust, Team, Work and Success-Failure. We will also learn how we can create a space for trust as a relationship building understanding and for learning as a source of performance and way of working.

The aim of this program is to:

  • Create a team culture based on trust.
  • Turn corporate learning into an added value that is reflected on the worker, work, client and profitability.
  • Create a strong team that is interrelated, assuring and expresses themselves.

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